Today is the end of the first year of my future life…

Today is August 16…and this is the best day of my life!
Sometimes… I may not belive in God! But I do belive in angels. Guardian angels!

This is for you my love! Don’t forget something Shorty… you are my angel… and I LOVE YOU more than my own life! And I hope that someday you will love me at least 5% from the love I feel for you! This is my gift for you! You are my angel…an soon you will become my God. In fact… you are the only God in which I can trust! I LOVE YOU MY ANGEL!!!


3 responses to “Today is the end of the first year of my future life…”

  1. Imagini tari says :

    Superb… Persoana aia e foarte norocoasa pentru ca ai postat asta pentru ea. Sunt sigura ca se simte fericita alaturi de tine!

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